Author Topic: Online Registration required for Senior categories for all XC NPS rounds  (Read 4395 times)

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From the Off road commission

Please note that for all graded categories (Senior Men and Senior Women per previous Grading communication), riders MUST register online – this is to ensure riders allocate themselves to the correct category.

Riders who allocate themselves to a category other than what the grading lists advises will be reallocated to the category as advised by the grading list.

Regardless of category, riders should use the online reg. utility as this saves the hosting club a lot of hassle.

If you do not register online, the race organisers can refuse your admission on the day.

Some NPS events will require optional or mandatory payment online – if you cannot pay online, then you need to contact the race organisers – in this case Alan Bingham or Gary Sheils to arrange/agree alternate means of payment.

If your name is not on the Grading list then you can select which category to enter yourself.


Also, if you possess a CI licence you must enter the full and correct CI licence number online and also have the licence available for inspection on the day.

If you enter a licence number that is not recognised by the system, your online entry may be deleted and you will be prompted (via the email address you have provided) to register again with the full and correct licence number,

All licence numbers entered online will be validated against a daily report of paid members from the CI database.

If you do not have a CI licence, then leave the default value “DAY LCNC” in the licence number field and purchase a day licence on the day.

If you have a Club Competition or Club Member licence then you MUST purchase a one-day licence!

Licence check will be enforced at all CI offroad events so ensure to have your licence with you or a letter/email from CI confirming that you have paid for you licence and are awaiting receipt of it.


CI Offroad Commission.

More info on the off road commission site here